Conscious Bean Founder, Matthew Evilsizor being recognized by Macy's as an up and coming American Icon

Master Roaster, Shawn Anderson

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Conscious Bean

Is a wellness-based boutique micro roaster and caffeination design firm, focusing on cafe development, event services, custom tailored coffee subscriptions and corporate coffee programs for elite private and commercial application. Born in Los Angeles, the city of angels, on November 11, 2011, with headquarters in Orange County, California. Conscious Bean is the brain child of founder and caffeine visionary, Matthew Evilsizor

Coffee to us, is the manifestation of love. It’s the dedication of many hands, hearts & the recurring gift of mother earth. We work daily to honor this gift, sharing our vision of earth’s exceptional offerings, crafted for your ritual. Learn about our Mindful Roasting practices

It is dedication, vigilance, obsessive attention to detail and honest partnership. Conscious Bean’s visionary coffees are the tangible representation of owner Matthew Evilsizor and long time friend and master roaster, Shawn Anderson of Old Town Roastery fame. Our dedicated partnership, along with a long chain of advocates, farms, importers and a few secret weapons, manifest some of the most rare and exceptional offerings from around the planet. Without the passion, vigilance, and skill of these souls, what Conscious Bean represents would not be possible. We are eternally blessed for the incredible relationships we have developed and are excited for what lies ahead.

Cafe Diem!