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Conscious bean

Conscious Bean®

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We’re a wellness based coffee roaster and caffeination design firm proudly established in Los Angeles and rooted in Orange County CA.

We curate exceptional coffee programs and experiential coffee events. All while taking actionable steps to infuse intention and wellbeing in every aspect of our process.

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Personalized Coffee Club Pathways

With each delivery experience beauty from a rare, specialty lot, roasted with intention and infused with love

From $15

Every delivery we personally source elite crops especially for you from specialty micro lots, tailor to your palette and roast for your method.

From $40

Your perfect coffee, with your perfect balance, custom built from the ground up. Tailor fit to your palette and brew method.

From $65

Chosen by the most elite brands on the planet





for celebrations

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Is A Wellness Based Coffee Roaster And Caffeination Design Firm Proudly Established In Los Angeles And Rooted In Orange County CA.

We Curates Exceptional Coffee Programs And Experiential Events. All While Taking Actionable Steps To Infuse Intention Into Every Aspect Of Our Process.

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