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Table of Contents

  • Single Day and Multi-day Events

  • Communication of Information

  • Additional Documentation

  • Event Producer

  • Moving of Conscious Bean Property

  • Damage to Conscious Bean Property

  • Loading In/Out and Set Up/tear Down

  • Event Booking, Confirmation and Deposits

  • Estimate, Invoice and Booking

  • Booking Confirmation

  • Cash or Check Deposit

  • Debit/Credit Card Deposit

  • Unfulfilled Bookings

  • Payment

  • Forms of Payment

  • Delinquent Payment

  • Bounced Payment

  • Cancellations

  • Cancellation 100% Deposit Return

  • Cancellation Penalty Period

  • Day of Issues

  • Potential Additional Charges

  • Additional Service Hour

  • Additional Barista Hour

  • Additional Insured

  • Travel

  • Accommodations

  • Dark Bar

  • Additional Guests

  • Breaks

  • Ingredients and Products

  • Seasonality and Availability

  • Terminology

  • Not Medical Advice

  • Indemnification & limitation of Liability

  • Insurance and Certifications

  • Negative Reviews- Slander, Libel and Defamation of Character

  • Ownership and Intellectual Property Rights

  • Contact Us



Communication of Information

It is essential you share all known information with Conscious Bean in a timely manner as accurately and thoroughly as possible. Conscious Bean can only know the information it is given by client. If this information is incomplete or inaccurate, negative outcomes may occur. Including but not limited to, missed events, failed change requests, late starts or additional charges to Conscious Bean which will then be passed on to client (potentially with assessed additional charges from Conscious Bean depending on the situations demands). To safeguard against any unforeseen issues it is imperative all information be given to Conscious Bean in a timely and concise manner as to leave no room for miscommunication or future issue. Conscious Bean will not be held liable for any negative outcome resulting from incomplete or inaccurate information or information given without ample time for Conscious Bean to properly accomplish. 


Additional Documentation

For multi day events, it is essential that client work with Conscious Bean to supply all necessary details to complete any needed additional paperwork or documentation requested by a venue or for the event. Often there is no way Conscious Bean could know this information, as it is specific to client. There is often a short window of opportunity to obtain certain documentation, like Temporary Food Establishment Permits (when applicable). If information is not given to Conscious Bean in a timely manner, it is possible charges could increase to Conscious Bean and that additional cost will be passed to the client. Conscious Bean will in no way be held liable for any additional charges due to slow or inaccurate response from client. Conscious Bean will make all attempts possible to procure documentation and requests necessary but will in no way be held liable for any negative outcomes derived from client issues. 


Event Producer

Conscious Bean is not an event producer. We are a service fulfilling the request of our client. There are obligations at specific venues and events that require specific preparations (i.e.: 3 basin sink). It is not Conscious Bean’s responsibility to handle these details, that obligation falls on the event producer. Conscious Bean will not be held liable for any issues arising from improper planning by the event producer. If possible, Conscious Bean will gladly assist with any arrangements it can logically foresee or that are requested by the event producer. Depending on the request, additional charges may apply. It is imperative that the event producer and/or client communicate in a timely, accurate and thorough manner so that the event can be properly coordinated ensuring a safe, healthy and legal environment for Conscious Bean, it’s customers and clients. If no event producer is provided for an event, it is possible Conscious Bean may be able to accomplish the duties of the event producer for an additional fee.


Moving of Conscious Bean Property

Once in place, the Conscious Bean bar is not to be moved, have any equipment adjusted, connected or disconnected in any way without the direct assistance or approval of Conscious Bean. Not following this policy could result in severe injury or death to the person involved and potentially others. If this occurs Conscious Bean will in no way be held liable to any equitable theory. Conscious Bean reserves the right to pursue legal action to recover any loss associated with the mishandling of any part of a Conscious Bean bar. If a bar move is requested after the bar has been assembled, Conscious Bean may decline the move and/or reserve the right to charge an additional fee for labor with the minimum charge being 1 additional barista hour as well as potential charges in accordance with California State Labor Law.


Damage to Conscious Bean Property

For multi day events, easily set ups, staff breaks, or any other outcome where Conscious Bean equipment Conscious Bean bar(s) may be left in it’s event location or storage location. If/when this occurs, the bar and all associated items of the bar are the responsibility of the venue and client. Any damage, theft or general misuse or otherwise by anyone or thing outside the Conscious Bean staff, is the sole responsibility of the client and the venue. Conscious Bean reserves the right to pursue legal action to recover any loss associated with the mishandling of any part of a Conscious Bean bar and any legal or equitable theory that follows.


Load in/out

Our equipment is very heavy, fragile and oddly shaped and balanced. Coffee is a skilled trade. It requires professional baristas, not professional movers. To keep cost to the client at a minimum we vet the loading difficulty by your day off logistics  in addition to other related communications. The weight and cost requirements of our equipment create a liability for our staff to lift and move this equipment. This is motivated by predefined, controlled moves in specific circumstances to minimize, strain, wear and injury. For this and other reasons, it's imperative we have accurate, detailed information about the load in terrain and process.

In the event agreement we directly discuss the parameters “no stairs, uneven or rough terrain or tight corners not easily navigable by a hand truck/cart.” It is imperative that our equipment is rolled on smooth surfaces to protect the fragility of equipment as well as minimize physical impact to the barista.

If you are unsure of the specifics and absolute accuracy of the terrain please discuss with us so we can agree on the best solution, well prior to the event. To further clarify the requirements we offer three choices for your event when deciding on the terrain and loading obligations.

1- no terrain issues.

This means, there are no gravel, bricks, grass, doorways, corners, deep carpets like shag carpet or other that may get caught in the wheels, stones, mud, stairs, steps, elevations, roots, deeply grooved boardwalks or any other terrain that a 3 ft long by 2 ft wide, at minimum, hand truck/roller cart can easily navigate without being lifted, tilted, or moved in a way that isn't completely native to the movement of the hand truck/ roller cart. The cart needs to be able to “glide” along any surface we are requested to navigate. If this is not the case, this option is inaccurate and will void your protections in addition to other potential legal action.

2- a few stairs but I (client) will provide ample, strong help to load in the equipment.

If this is selected, client agrees to take the responsibility of loading upon themselves and whomever they may designate to move Conscious Bean’s equipment at their own risk. This option exists for very easy terrain issues like a (one or two up to a maximum of 3 steps and are deeper than 14 inches.) If client chooses this “DIY” option, client fully assumes complete liability of Conscious Bean equipment, staff and any of clients assistance from any legal or equitable theory associated to negative outcome. Including but not limited to Conscious Bean equipment, property, and any physical, psychological, or other outcome of our staff and/or the clients provided assistance as well as any negative outcome occurring directly or indirectly associated to the loss; example lost work or wages due to injury or damaged equipment. .

This is not a recommended selection option as the Conscious Bean equipment weight and shape should be moved only by experienced professionals and trained staff. If cost savings is important to the client, this choice to load in place of trained staff or professional labor leaves the entire liability upon client and could have vast negative financial or legal ramifications to client if injury, loss or accident of any kind occurs. By agreeing to our contract and this “DIY” loading option, client assumes the entire liability associated to any legal or equitable theory resting from this selection option either directly or indirectly, now in perpetuity.

3- There's rough terrain and I (client) want you (Conscious Bean) to supply professional staff for load in/out.

In this instance we have a default charge of 200$ (200$ is base, number can increase with difficulty.) For this fee we supply professional movers to load in the equipment and return at the end to load out. Though this is an elevated charge, this releases client from any associated liability due to any loading error by our staff and movers and results in a safe, reliable event.

Inaccuracy in event agreement or logistics

The accuracy of your information is essential to the well being of our staff, equipment, guests, venue and surroundings. It is integral to accurately and thoroughly convey all pertinent information. Conscious Bean makes decisions based solely on the information you give in good faith of the accuracy. Upon arrival, as per our terms and policies, payment is due in full as we have already completely prepared your event in good faith and mutual understanding. If Conscious Bean decides client has been inaccurate or deceiving in clients description or logistical selection, Conscious Bean reserves the right to deny the event while charging the complete invoice amount. In addition to the potential to charge an additional fee of 200$+ for the inaccuracy. In this occurrence, client agrees to pay the complete event charge as well as any additional fees or charges and forgoes their option to resolve the situation as ample time existed before the event to create proper arrangements based on accurate/correct information. If clients information given negatively impacts or limits Conscious Bean’s standard loading process, client agrees to have the credit card referenced on the event agreement charged for the complete amended invoice as well as any additional merchant service or other applicable fees. Any back charges resulting from this action will be met by legal action, covering business loss/damages, loss to public image, bank charges/fees, legal fees and any other form of legal and equitable theory, in the maximum amount of legal and equitable recourse allowed by law, now in perpetuity, within the statute of limitations.

If this inaccuracy occurs and Conscious Bean agrees to “make it work” with the client, regardless of any financial addition or agreement by Conscious Bean and client, client assumed all liability for any negative outcome that may arise during load in/out, set up/tear down or the service hours themselves as well as any long term issues that may arise due to the inaccuracy of client information, be it directly associated to the inaccuracy or otherwise. The decision of the charge and to offer service or not to offer service is on a case by case basis and is at the sole discretion of Conscious Bean. Each location and event is unique. It is for this reason no previous event actions or other agreement with venues or clients portray any form of acquiescence or “acceptance” of an action, practice or method that may be used to delegitimize Conscious Bean’s requirements for load in/load out, set up/tear down or other methods.

By giving inaccurate information clients legal recourse and protections of clients end of the event agreement defaults, voiding any protections and confirming Conscious Bean’s right to act within the maximum range of the agreement and the law.

Conscious Bean makes best efforts to offer a safe, healthy, positive experience for our events. The well being of our equipment, staff, and guests are core to this. It is imperative information is accurate and thorough for Conscious Bean to create and control the positive experience safely.


Event Booking, Confirmation and Deposits


Estimate, Invoice and Booking

There are 3 steps, an estimate, a confirmation and then the job with payment. By receiving Conscious Bean's invoice that means the job is completed and payment is now due. Payment is due within 10 days of the event. After an event payment becomes delinquent as per our terms in the “payment” section below. By your confirmation deposit, you agree to our terms and policies. This invoice will be considered in effect from date of its transmission in perpetuity to the full extent of the law. Any errors or changes must be requested in writing before the event and within no more than 5 days of transmission. Conscious Bean reserves the right to deny any change request. Additional charges and expenses unforeseen prior to invoice agreement (i.e.: on site additional hour requests, etc.) will be charged to the client upon receipt in accordance with Conscious Bean’s current fees and policies.


Booking Confirmation

To book or “lock in” an event, there are several methods of choosing. All events require an event agreement, completely signed and initialed to confirm an event booking. The credit card information can be filled out with valid up to date credit card information to lock in the date or a 100% deposit is required, unless other arrangements have been made, in writing, with Conscious Bean. Acceptable forms of deposit are cash, check or debit/credit card. The event will not be considered booked until this deposit and the event confirmation paperwork are received. This means, Conscious Bean’s bookings are “first come first serve" based on the first client to provide all confirmation materials for the requested date. Verbal confirmations and requests are not considered a true confirmation. Only the event agreement and deposit will serve as confirmation of a booking.


Cash or Check Deposits

If cash or check is used for deposit, the funds will be deposited, resulting in a deduction of total invoice equal to the deposit payment. The funds will be utilized to purchase client's ingredients and products.


Debit/Credit Card Deposits

If a credit card is used, no charge will be placed on your card. The card is only meant to ensure payment if cancellation occurs in accordance with our policies. By inputting your credit card information onto our event agreement, you are confirming this is a valid card and you agree to be held to all of the payment policies regardless of outcome or due to any credit card changes. This information is held in good faith and is deemed as legal tender in the accordance with our payment policies.

You have until the event date to decide on your final payment method. Even if you confirmed your event with a debit/credit card, you can still pay with a method other than your card. Please see our debit/credit card payment policy for further details, if this is your preferred method of payment. The only way a hold would become a transaction, is in the case of a cancellation falling within the penalty period of our cancellation policy or at the verbal or written request of client. With this type of hold Conscious Bean will be purchasing items on clients behalf in good faith.


Unfulfilled Bookings

If for whatever reason Conscious Bean is incapable of fulfilling a request that has already been booked. Conscious Bean will immediately inform client. Every effort will be made to work out another option to fulfill the request. If no agreement of resolution can be reached, Conscious Bean will refund 100% of any deposit. No other form of legal or equitable theory can be pursued by client, beyond the refunding of the complete deposit given by client. 



Final payment is due upon arrival at event.

If a hold was placed on your card to “lock in” an event date, no transaction occurred. No money was charged to your card unless previously agreed or due to terms of our cancellation policy. If cash or check was used, that deposit total is deductible in kind from your invoice total.


Forms of Payment

Acceptable forms of payment are cash, debit/credit card and check. Please make check out to; Conscious Bean 777 West 18th Street, Suite B, Costa Mesa CA 92627.

Cash or check, will be deposited against the invoice total and will abide by Conscious Bean’s cancellation policies.

If credit card is the chosen payment method, processing will incur an additional 3% of invoice total and AMEX will incur an additional 5.5% of invoice total to cover our merchant service fees. This charge can be avoided through cash or check payments, as outlined in accordance with our terms and policies.


Delinquent Payment

Any invoices not paid in full within 60 days of Due Date shall incur 12% interest per year delinquent as per Civil Code 1916-1. Invoices delinquent 90 days or more shall go to collections with all additional charges and legal fees charged to delinquent client.


Bounced Payment

Bounced payments will incur a 25$ charge by Conscious Bean, on top of the service charges from our banking institutions. That total will be charged to the credit card on file 48 hours after bounced payment in accordance with all of Conscious Bean’s terms and policies. You may request a different payment method in writing within 48 hours of payment issue notification.



Cancellation 100% Deposit Return

A cancellation prior to 30 days of event date will not be charged. Any deposit given will be 100% returned. A credit card hold will incur no charge, and will be returned to your account within 24-72 hours on average. Please see your bank's terms and policies for exact information.


Cancellation Penalty Period

Cancellations within 30 days of event incur a 10% fee of invoice total.

Cancellations within 21 days of event incur a 15% fee of invoice total.

Cancellations within 14 days of event incur a 50% fee of invoice total.

Cancellations within   7 days of event incur a 70% fee of total invoice.

Cancellations within   3 days of event incur a 80% fee of total invoice

Cancellations within   2 days of event incur a 90% fee of total invoice.

Cancellations within   1 day of event incur a 100% fee of total invoice. 


Day of Issues

Technical issues, due to the sole direct fault of Conscious Bean, will receive a 100% refund of their payment or a free event of equal or lesser value plus 20% towards a subsequent event. Conscious Bean arrives with all of your ingredients already purchased for your event. Because we are floating this purchase for you at your request (the deposit, is your request for our purchasing of agreed upon items), 100% payment is due upon arrival at event, unless other arrangements have been previously agreed upon in writing.

Issues arising from no fault of Conscious Bean, including but not limited to; improperly supplying Conscious Bean’s basic needs/demands (space, proper electrical requirements, safe/proper cover from inclement weather, assistance for stairs), a under attended event, underutilized bar or the cancellation of event as a whole, will be held accountable to entire invoice regardless of outcome. Conscious Bean has already purchased and prepared all aspects necessary for your request. Due to this any event shortcomings not directly at the fault of Conscious Bean will be 100% accountable to complete invoice total.   


Potential Additional Charges

All additional charges will be outlined and informed to client to the best of Conscious Bean’s ability. Conscious Bean will make all efforts to be transparent and communicative with any potential additional charges or costs as they arise. 

  • Additional Service hour- $150 per hour. (this includes, 1 primary barista hour)

  • Additional Barista hour- $50 per hour, per barista

    • Additional bar service hours as well as additional backup barista hours must be confirmed, in writing, at the time of their request to connect@consciousbean.com

  • Additional Insured- Is included by request at no additional chargE


Travel- First 100 round trip miles are free. Additional miles are charged at 1.50$ per mile. Distances will be mapped from our offices at 777 West 18th St suite B, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 to the location client specifies.

The term travel is in reference to any portion of Conscious Bean traveling to a location of client’s request. This is not to be confused with the Dark Bar charge, although it is possible both charges may be assessed depending on the specific situation. The total round trip distance minus (if applicable) the 50 included round trip miles will determine the chargeable travel distance. Travel distances are determined using any one of the popular map applications including, but not limited to, (Google Maps, Apple Maps, Mapquest, Waze, etc) Conscious Bean will not be held liable for any inaccuracies on these sites. It will be up to the sole discretion of Conscious Bean if reimbursements are to be offered due to travel distance discrepancies. For exceptionally long drives over 200 round trip miles, it's possible additional charges for lodging or traffic time may occur. For multi day events, travel charges may be incurred on a daily bases. 


Dark Bar- 50% of the bar(s) daily buy out rate

The term “Dark Bar” is used for any day, or portion of a day, one or more Conscious Bean bar(s) are in transit or out of the direct contact and control of Conscious Bean (i.e.: shipped to a location). This is not the same as a travel charge. A travel charge is when the bar and things associated with that bar are delivered and in the consistent possession of Conscious Bean. Whenever a Conscious Bean bar is not in Conscious Bean’s possession due to shipping or rental or any other possible reason, a charge of 50% of the bar(s) daily buy-out rate will be assessed to client. It is possible Conscious Bean may charge a travel charge for their staff or other items in addition to the Dark Bar charge.


Additional Guests- 100$ per 20 guests

The ingredients and products we purchase and supply on your behalf is based on your guest head count. This headcount accuracy is taken in good faith. We have several methods gauging accuracy of headcount total and reserve the right to charge additional expenses to the card on file if Conscious Bean’s event product output well exceeded our agreed upon headcount. In these instances, Conscious Bean reserves the right to shut down the bar once the allotted ingredients are finished, regardless of time remaining, with no additional charges to client and client holding no ability to seek any form of legal or equitable theory for this change. Conscious Bean also reserves the right to seek reimbursement for the additional products used above and beyond what was agreed upon. When this happens, Conscious Bean will send a letter of acknowledgment to the client outlining the discrepancy and the additional charges associated. Since there is no way of confirming exact counts we will charge “additional guests” in groups of 15. Each 15 person group will be an additional 100$, charged to the card on file. Conscious Bean shall in no way be held liable for any discrepancies or shortcomings due to inaccurate headcount. The burden of accuracy and proof falls on the client and all additional charged from Conscious Bean will be upheld by client through good faith to Conscious Bean. Just as Conscious Bean trusts the accuracy of client’s headcount for booking, client will trust the accuracy of Conscious Bean’s additional guest charge. It has been our experience that additional guest counts often are 30+ guests, so several hundred dollars of additional charge would be common for these occurrences. The additional costs will be due immediately in accordance with our Policies.



For multi-day events over 100 miles from our office or single events over 250 miles away, Conscious Bean reserves the right to require accommodations for our barista’s. Conscious Bean can either handle these accommodations at a minimum rate of 150$ per night (cost may vary depending on location availability) or client can procure equal or greater accommodations at their request. If accommodations are not provided the Travel charge will be incurred for each trip plus a potential additional charge for excess hours over the 8 maximum allowed by California State law. 



If only one barista is on site at client’s event, a break must be provided in accordance California State Law. Conscious Bean will supply the barista with the needed information of when to break. If a break is not allowed, a meal penalty will be charged to Conscious Bean, which will be passed along to client. If additional bar hours are requested, all laws must be abided by to cover mandatory meals, breaks and overtime regulations as per California State law.


Ingredients and Products


Seasonality and Availability

Ingredients and products are subject to seasonality and availability. Conscious Bean reserves the right to substitute one item for another without notice. It is completely possible due to seasonality or availability, items may change from the previous time a Conscious Bean bar was utilized and may differ from any previous event images, marketing material or website information. Rest assured Conscious Bean strives to offer the most superior products available so just because they may be different doesn’t necessarily mean a degradation in quality. 



The term unlimited is used in communications of Conscious Bean. This term is loosely used to express no limit on the amount of drinks your contracted guests can ingest during the course of the scheduled time. It is Conscious Bean’s experience that some guests will have 1 drink, some will consume 10 drinks and some will drink none at all. Due to this variability, we supply your product at your events based on the headcount you booked with us. Due to the unknown of the events drink interests, we supply enough of your product for your contracted headcount + an additional 20% to cover the unknown and supply the “unlimited” drinks. We, as any venue or service, have a finite amount of product. Depending on the event and an endless list of variables, we may run out of one ingredient faster than another. It is quite possible a portion of the event could have one or more items 86’d (86 is a restaurant term stating an item has been finished and is no longer available for the duration of the time). As this is not a common occurrence, it does occur and is the nature of our type of service. We supply more than enough for each event but sometimes-unique factors like weather, demographic and bar location can fluctuate which ingredients are the most popular on any given day. There is no way for us to see into the future except for supplying you an additional 20% of product. We apologize for any issues this variability may cause but will in no way be held liable to any equitable theory or slanderous wording, for any issue arising from a depletion of ingredients as your ingredient amount was based directly off of your contracted headcount. If you are concerned this outcome could occur at your event, speak with Conscious Bean customer service prior to the event and if possible, we will gladly accommodate your needs to guarantee specific items aren’t 86’d over the course of your event (additional charges may occur.)


Not Medical Advice

The information contained on these websites, or provided at your request, is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to be medical or healthcare advice. While we may offer some products on these websites that are classified as food, beverage, or dietary supplements products regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, we do not market or sell such products for the purposes of diagnosing, treating, curing or preventing any disease. We do not recommend any particular form of medical treatment or that persons manage their own health problems without the advice of a licensed healthcare practitioner. Information found or received through these websites should not be used in place of a visit with, call to, consultation or advice from a health care provider. If you suspect you have a medical problem, or should you have any health care related questions, please promptly call or see your healthcare practitioner. Before using any products offered on these websites, carefully read all labels and heed all directions and cautions that accompany the products.



Organic standards vary throughout the world. There is no governing body standardizing the term organic for the entire world. Due to this it is impossible for us to confirm the standards our vendors and suppliers tell us. We pay top dollar to acquire what we believe are the finest products available. We purchase ingredients and products in good faith of their quality, and standards and work with vendors we have come to know to ensure the highest level of quality. Conscious Bean disclaims any and all responsibility for any inaccuracy, error, omission, deficiency or flaw in the information provided to us. 

It is also possible, due to seasonality, availability or other variable, we will be unable to supply an item that meets all of our marketing information claims. We cannot guarantee that all items are organic, locally sourced, non-g.m.o. (genetically modified organism) verified, biodegradable, reusable or renewable or that that all of our marketing is always offset by renewable energy. We make great efforts to offer transparency and honesty in our products and strive daily to offer the highest quality product available to us. Conscious Bean will not be held liable for the periodic inaccuracy of a specific item. The terminology used constitutes the greater whole of our products and is considered as the majority stake of our items. Conscious Bean makes no direct attempt to mislead it’s valued clients and customers. We value honesty and transparency as much as you do. For a real time list of items that do not fall under our general claims, call us and we will gladly share any relevant information. 


Indemnification & Limitation of Liability

In no event will Conscious Bean be liable with respect to any negligence, strict liability or other legal or equitable theory for: (i) any special, incidental or consequential damages or (ii) for any amount that exceed the fees paid by you to Conscious Bean. Conscious Bean shall have no liability for any failure or delay due to matters beyond their reasonable control. Client agrees to waive, release and hold harmless Matthew L. Evilsizor, sole proprietor, (DBA Conscious Bean) and Conscious Bean’s agents, employees, affiliates and affiliates employees, (referred to as Conscious Bean) from and against any and all claims, liability, or judgments arising out of Conscious Bean's performance, whether a result of Conscious Bean’s negligence or otherwise.

Client agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Conscious Bean from and against all such claims.

Client agrees that there is an inherent risk of death, personal injury, and property damage associated with our services and client expressly assumes all risks arising from services, whether from Conscious Bean's negligence or otherwise.


Insurance and Certifications

Conscious Bean is a service. Conscious Bean works as a buy out of a time allotment and equipment and staffing rental service. Within that designated time, at the request of the service purchaser (henceforth referred to as client), Conscious Bean will purchase the client’s requested ingredients and products (cups, lids, etc), renting the client the equipment and bar (unless other specific arrangements are made) as well as a technician/barista to the client, to prepare clients ingredients for client and client's guests at client’s event. Conscious Bean is providing a service at the request of their client, on behalf of the client for the purchase of the client's products and ingredients necessary for the client’s event. Fee’s are for the rental of equipment as well as the time, injured expenses on their behalf and labor to procure and prepare their clients requests only. Conscious Bean is acting with the letter of the law according to the Health Board and Board of Equalization. Conscious Bean is fully licensed and insured above and beyond all needs required for their industry. To request confirmation of all necessary documentation, contact Conscious Bean at connect@consciousbean.com


Negative Reviews- Slander, Libel and Defamation of Character

We hold our products and services in the highest regard. We take great pride in our efforts and work tirelessly to offer the complete solution. If for any reason you are dissatisfied, please contact us directly. We desire your total happiness and will make every effort to resolve the situation. Please kindly work with us to resolve any issue and allow us to fix it before lashing out on any platform, social media or otherwise. Our company image is of great importance to us and words hold much weight. If Conscious Bean is unjustly acknowledged in a negative light, Conscious Bean reserves the right to pursue legal action to the full extent of the law.


Ownership and Intellectual Property Rights

Conscious Bean℠ is a sole-proprietorship owned by Matthew L. Evilsizor. Conscious Bean DBA and its affiliate services (Revol coffee, The Caffeine Chemist, Crafty Coffee Catering LA, Office Coffee Catering, Caffeination Collaboration) henceforth shall be referred to as Conscious Bean. Conscious Bean and its affiliates abide by and fall under the terms and policies of Conscious Bean. Conscious Bean is licensed and insured in all ways required by the state of California. 

Conscious Bean℠ is a registered service mark of Matthew L. Evilsizor as of 2014. The Conscious Bean logo is a ™ of Matthew L Evilsizor as of 2017. Bean Mindful is a ™ of Matthew Evilsizor and Conscious Bean. All intellectual property contained within Conscious Bean and it’s affiliate sites, marketing materials, products, ingredients, recipes, processes, development services, as well as any part of their event services, including text, fonts, graphics, logos, colors, methods, policies, trademarks, service marks and copyright works, are owned or licensed by Conscious Bean. All rights reserved © Conscious Bean 2011-2019


Contacting Us

You may ask questions, submit comments and opt out of receiving updates and other mailings from us by contacting us-

via email: connect@consciousbean.com

via phone: (646)-481-4201

via mail: Conscious Bean 777 West 18th St, Suite B, Costa Mesa, CA 92627