Mindful Roasting™

Why is food from your grandma always better than food from a fancy chef?! Because she knows you, genuinely cares, and puts her heart into nourishing the ones she cares about.

The roasting process has the single largest manmade impact on the bean then anywhere else from seed to cup.  This is the bean's rite of passage, the growing up moment, defining what it will be and for what the journey to now has. A great deal of time, sweat, masterful diligence, and heart have gone into all the moments leading to right now. When you think of roasting on this scale you begin to see the pivotal importance of the active bond between master roaster and bean and why we take it so seriously.

To us, coffee is the manifestation of love and we utilize our roasting process as a meditative practice. In continuation and homage to Dr. Masaru Emoto’s powerful work regarding water, we are honored to introduce #MindfulRoasting,

For each new roast we attach a word of intention to our roaster. To this prescription, we ground our energy, ensuring we are connected to ourselves and the Dietrich roaster before us. Once centered, we focus our intent to the word of intention, rolling it around int our mind and connecting to the resonant meaning of the activated word. Once we can feel the rhythm of our breath, and the frequency of our intent, we connect to the humming flame, sync pace and create flow. Once we feel physically and mentally dialed in, we begin actively tailoring each bean, giving voice to its journey and setting perfect tone for its destiny.

Upon completion, we hand scribe your intention onto your bag. Sealing the through line and cementing the full circle of the act. 

Some of our favorite activated words are:

  • confidence

  • vision

  • prosperity

  • love

  • joy

  • intuition

  • freedom

  • endurance

  • peace

  • clarity

  • unity

  • heart

  • strength

Have a favorite intention?

Submit your active word of intent to asone@consciousbean.com

If we a select it, we’ll send you a free bag of beans with your word!