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Conscious bean®

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Visionary Coffee™: (n) rare, mindfully roasted™, consciously curated specialty micro-lots.

Conscious Coffee Club - Your Coffee Subscription

Coffee Club for the Home Barista Enthusiast

We learn all that you love about coffee then take you on a delicious journey sourcing each rare, specialty micro-lot specifically for you, roast it especially for your personal brew method and more.

From $59

includes Priority Shipping

Coffee Club for the Coffee Lover

With each new delivery experience beauty from a single-origin micro-lot, roasted with intention and infused with love.

From $36

includes Priority Shipping

Coffee Club for the Coffee Connoisseur

We custom build your perfect coffee blend. Designed from the ground up, tailor fit to your palette and roasted for your brew method. So you can enjoy your perfect cup every day.

From $62

includes Priority Shipping


Conscious Bean® is a wellness-based coffee roaster and caffeination design firm proudly established in Los Angeles and rooted in Orange County CA.

We handcraft visionary coffee™ in micro-batches, curate experiential catered coffee events and design exceptional espresso bars, all while taking actionable steps to infuse intention and wellbeing in every aspect of our process.

If I could post a 1000 stars I would...this is THE BEST COFFEE I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE!
— source: yelp- Lyndi M.

Discover your coffee Type

What method do you use to brew?


ex: Chemex, V60, Kalita Wave


ex: French Press, Aeropress, Cold Brew

Batch Brew

ex: 8 cup coffee maker

Espresso Maker

Stove Top

ex: Moka Pot, Turkish Coffee, Siphon

Single Serve

ex: Keurig, Nespresso

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