Here at Conscious Bean, we resonate with three simple things (in no particular order): love, you & coffee. We know that if we bring the best products to your lips, those lips will offer the same love to the world.

We believe your libation should be enlightening. You should know how the cows are fed & treated, where your milk comes from and how it’s processed. Your flavorings and sweeteners should come from raw, genuine ingredients that are free of additives, chemicals & genetic modifications. Your coffee should be roasted just for you from only the most superior of beans. Your event should be special, one of a kind and not harm the earth from which it is given.

We believe that change starts with one. Every drink begins with the first bean picked. So let’s set our intention: To drive the industry forward with superior products, knowledge, transparency & customer service. To infuse love into every drink from cradle to cradle. To cultivate joy that warms the stomach, heart, soul & mind. To protect & replenish the earth through philanthropy, advancement of knowledge & awareness, control over packaging, transportation & farming methods, ethical transparency & long term vision.

We’re all in this together.

It's time to awaken™.