Matthew Evilsizor

I grew up in the coffee business. It’s in my blood, shall we say. From the age of eight, I began working around my mothers cafe, sweeting floors and making change. I grew up in the ’90s, sitting in the back seat on the car ride home,  listening to my parents speak of their successes and failures in the emerging specialty coffee industry. I took a love for barista work and obsessed for years over the craft. Each new drink was a custom piece of art. Behind the bar has always felt like my safe place. When I wasn’t crafting drinks, I was performing across the continent. With a flair for the theatrical and a love of art, I’m eternally enthralled by the human experience.

As I went on to travel for quite a few years performing, cafes became oasis’ in foreign cities. Upon returning from a tour in the early 2000s I helped my mother design her flagship location, a 75 seat bistro named Taste. The cafe became an institution in the town of East Aurora, N.Y. and her cafe was voted “One of the top ten privately owned coffee houses in America” by Coffee Retailer Magazine. She has now sold her business and is happily retired.

I traveled and toured for several more years as a corporate event producer for a multinational, consistently coordinating a staff of 25+, often with multiple events running simultaneously. I eventually planted myself in Los Angeles CA and immersed myself in the culture of the city of angels.

One fateful day in 2011, I learned of a man meditating with water. This deeply resonated with me. Be the outcome of his study true or not I can’t say, but the power of intention is very real. That was the spark and in that moment an obsession was conceived. A driving force, a catalytic diving board for my actions. Enter, Conscious Bean®.

The Conscious Bean philosophy is “If we bring the best to your lips, those lips will offer the same love to the world.” Just that simple, a one to one ratio. An actionable choice to treat others how you would like to be treated. This makes a great metric for imbuing intent into every aspect of our services and products. I work endlessly to discover new, forward-thinking products that have a story to tell and are good to the palate, body, and earth. My bar is my theater. Through it, I manifest moments that stimulate the entire human experience. In eternal pursuit of a transcendent experience and peerless beverage. With an inquisitive heart and an eager palate, I strive ahead to offer you something that instills a memory. Thank you for joining me on this journey. 

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