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Coffee Consulting

Coffee is a daily essential to millions of people and is frequently the highest profit margin section on a restaurant menu. If you’re looking to tap the market with a coffee business, coffee cart, or coffee program for your restaurant, our 20+ years of experience with the knowledge, tools, and heart needed to make your project flow.

Some of our most popular restaurant consulting services:

Bar Design

Menu Design

Barista Training

Brand Development

Coffee Equipment Selection and layout

What can you expect from Conscious Bean’s conscious coffee consulting? That depends on you! Are you looking for menu design? Coffee shop design? Barista or coffee business training? Coffee cart purchase, a brand revamp, or maybe just coffee menu development. No two projects are alike and there’s no “one size fits all” solution. This is a custom tailored process where we utilize our experience (and all the errors we have seen or made throughout the years) to maximize efficiency, minimize waste, set you up for long term success, and put the most profit in your pocket. Our restaurant consulting services will include any combination of phone, email, video chat, and site visits depending on the need.

A cafe design for a coffee business in California.

A cafe design for a coffee business in California.

Coffee Consulting Rates

Inquire for detailed rates

GENERAL CONSULTING Online or by phone $250/hr.

ON-SITE TRAINING / CONSULTING Pricing and availability will vary depending on location and schedule.


Each extra step costs you money. Excellence is in the details.

Beautiful bar design minimizes movement between zones, mitigates workplace injury and burnout, and maximizes product output and profitability through intuitive bar and customer flow, resulting in a superior brand experience for customers and workers alike.

To decide on your coffee bar layout, and establish your bar design, we'll discuss the different strategies for customer flow and how your bar design will solve your location and customer needs. From here, Conscious Bean takes a holistic approach to your coffee business by crafting bar design plans for the operational efficiency, function, aesthetic, and flow of your coffee bar. Focusing on the logistics of your menu, equipment, workflow, storage, ergonomic placement of key equipment, refrigeration, customer traffic patterns, and cafe design.

As the restaurant consultant of your bar counter design, we’ll work with your architect to meet the specific zoning and health board requirements for your city while imparting the wisdom, vision, and experience that can only come a seasoned coffee industry professional who’s crafted hundreds of thousands of drinks.


Find your voice. Find your customer.

A brand is a feature, or combination of features, that identifies one seller's good or service as distinct from those of other sellers. Brand is (almost literally) everything. Successful restaurant and coffee business entrepreneurs both independent and corporate alike do an excellent job of creating an experience that is unique unto themselves, creating a specific energy and tone that resonates with their target market and turns one-off customers into regulars and evangelists. The brand is the integral secret sauce that defines all the future decisions of your business. It allows you to duplicate your brand with additional locations, and protects your company from current and future competition, so your business can stand the test of time.

We dial in

  • Overall idea and vision

  • Achievable market and target clientele

  • Conceptual brand: namesake, logo, signage

  • Digital brand: website, social, SEO keywords, metric goals

  • Physical brand: colors, materials, furnishing, fixtures, small-wares

  • Experienced brand: ingredients, products, retail items, staff style

Barista Training

Your barista’s training, skill, and attitude can make or break your coffee business. Inconsistent drink quality, product waste, line build up, and/or a snarky demeanor can destroy all that you have created. Not only does your barista need to smile and happy chat with your customers but do so while putting out a high quality product at a rapid pace with precision, care, and good intent. This is no small feat! Simply putting them on the line without detailed knowledge of your menu design, bar flow, and equipment can erode your brand.

Founder, Matthew Evilsizor, barista training on the film set of a Roman Copella project in Los Angeles, CA.

Founder, Matthew Evilsizor, barista training on the film set of a Roman Copella project in Los Angeles, CA.

It’s only when you truly understand the structure of something that you are able to create within it, otherwise you’re simply repeating what you’re told. This leads to lack of care, specificity, and diligence, which ultimately results in a poor customer experience, barista burn out and turn over.

Our barista training method focuses on understanding the core structure. If you know the why, you know the how. We focus on the basic aspects from which all coffee drinks are made, dialing in on the foundational elements of coffee and milk allowing us to polish details from the inside out. We cement the root functions of coffee with the targeted skills so your barista can provide consistency, quality, speed, and heart.

We dial in

  1. Bar preparation

  2. Drink types and ratios

  3. Measurement and consistency

  4. Shot pulling and tamping

  5. Milk density and texture

  6. Ingredient preparation order for speed

  7. Mindfulness practices to imbue heart

  8. Exercises and practices to minimize fatigue and injury

  9. Equipment maintenance

  10. Customer communication skills



Conscious Bean restaurant consulting very much believes in the old accolade “The right tool for the right job.” We learn the unique needs of your business, customer, service type, location, spacial requirements, budget and output goals to determine the scope of what you need. You would have different needs for a coffee kiosk than you would a cafe, and both of those would still be decided by a variety of output factors.

Do you plan on offering online ordering? Does your cafe design need a slowbar? In your menu design will you offer blended options? Will you do catering? What is your venue’s percentage of drip coffee to espresso drinks and how will that impact your bar design plan? Do you need a triple group espresso machine? What is the best grinder choice for your espresso machine? These details and goals make a huge difference in your up front costs, profit margins, energy costs, bar flow, brand image, and customer experience. We discuss equipment priorities, city requirements, brand options, and tradeoffs related to price and function so that you can make the best coffee equipment choices for your coffee shop.

Coffee Consulting Rates


Online or by phone $250/hr.


Pricing and availability will vary depending on location and schedule. Please inquire for specifics.

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