Pour Over: Clean, Warm and Decadent

Pour Over: Clean, Warm and Decadent

from 55.00

You love the decadence of coffee while enjoying a clean medium bodied cup with a beautifully balanced acidity to draw the through line to a crisp velvety finish. You enjoy rich flavor with enveloping notes of cacao, pure maple syrup, nougat, raw honey, and caramel.

We'll predominately explore coffees within the regions of

  • Hawaii
  • El Salvador
  • Honduras
  • Peru
  • Columbia
  • Tanzania
  • Mexico
  • Sumatra
  • Panama
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Bespoke Signature Experience
from 76.00

We custom design every aspect of your brew tailoring it to you and creating your own personal signature coffee. Oh yeah, and we name it after you, emblazon your signature upon your bag and keep the exact recipe under lock and key so no one else can ever have your exact brew. This is just for you; (but feel free to share with those you love.)

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