Immersion: Rich, Full, and Spicy

Immersion: Rich, Full, and Spicy

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You love the decadent experience of coffee and the long lingering finish. You prefer your coffee like your wine with a rich, full, spicy mouthfeel and with a clean bite. In your cup, you enjoy how macadamia notes soften the cup, how cereal notes hit a different part of your palate, flavors of sweet grass brighten the darkest spices, or notes cedar wood anchors brighter elements. Maybe how nut butter cultivate a creamy enveloping mouthfeel in every sip, and how flavors of clove and smoke provoke a smooth whiskey-like finish.

This is a fun range to explore with so many exceptional flavor elements from so many incredible regions,  in combination with how we will roast to your specific brew method (don’t worry we’ll learn that next) the joyous exploration of flavor awaits.

We'll predominately explore coffees from within the regions of

  • El Salvador
  • Nicaragua
  • Brasil
  • Peru
  • Honduras 
  • Tanzania
  • Columbia
  • Sumatra
  • Ethiopia
  • Mexico
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