Revol Bar

Revol Bar

from 795.00

This bar is paired with our complete Haute and Iced menu.

This bar includes up to 2 service hours and 100 guests. We discount the first additional hour 

  • Additional hours are 150$ an hour
  • guests beyond 100 are just 3$ per person.

Check out a sample haute and iced menu

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Sporting all the same talking points as the Conscious Bean bar, we designed the Revol bar to offer Conscious Bean quality and experience for shorter service length (up to 3 hours) functions. This space efficient powerhouse is able to set up and tear down in a fraction of the time of the Conscious Bean bar and we translate that saved effort, time spent, and wear and tear into cash in your pocket and an unrivaled libation. If you're looking for a 3 hour or less event or an awesome yet cost efficient long day, the Revol bar really sets the bar.

This bar includes everything needed for an exceptional caffeination experience. 

  1. Bar
  2. Equipment
  3. Set up / Tear Down
  4. Barista
  5. Trsvel up to 100 miles roundtrip
  6. All the from scratch ingredients See those again