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prepared with raw, genuine ingredients free of additives and chemicals.

Conscious Bean from scratch flavorings from our garden

flavoring syrups crafted from scratch with ingredients from our garden


We utilize only raw, fresh, hand picked, organic ingredients- often straight from our own garden, steeped our for up to 36 hours and sometimes well beyond. Celebrating nature's perfection with a clean, pure deep taste, symbiotic to your beverage.

The lavender syrup changed my life. I never knew it could taste like that. Incredible!
— Curtis Dahl
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fragrant raw African chocolate

Our chocolate is single-origin, organic, lightly sweet and incredibly decadent

Hand-Ground Masala Chai.jpg

hand ground masala chai


We join organic Indian assam tea with hand picked and hand ground spices of fancy green cardamom, ginger, two types of cinnamon, fresh ground pepper and pink Himalayan sea salt for a robust, yet approachable flavor.  

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