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A general google search of the term "Dr Emoto Rice" brought up dozens of results. 

I, Matthew Evilsizor knew I wanted to work in coffee but I didn't want to create another cafe or be another awesome roaster as there are already so many good ones out there. I wanted to do something different, something personal, special.

One day I learned about the Emoto Peace Project and the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto. This man would take samples of tap water, freeze the water molecule and photograph it. The water looks like a muddy puddle. Then he would take another drop from the same sample and feel love towards it, then photographed again and the water looks like a beautiful snowflake! Dr Emoto (who passed in 2016) did this thousands of times with positive, negative, pictures, music, words, emotions, no matter what was given to the water it always reflected these attributes in its structure. This was a lot for my mind to handle at the time. I thought that water is the majority of our body, our earth, and even our cup of coffee. It is literally the element that binds us and if we have this impact on our water and water has this impact on our world.... mind explodes.

This began an obsession, a pure dedication to learning about the energies that work in silence but with great strength. For this, I owe much thanks to the dedication of Dr. Emoto and the awareness and goodness he brought to the world.

As my study continued I learned of that many people utilizing a similar practice with rice and plants. Simply taking rice from the same bag, using 3 identical clean jars, putting equal amounts of rice in each, sealing them off and writing a positive word on one and a negative word. Seriously, do a quick google search and you will see the incredible range of what occurs. Frequently you will notice a longer life span for the positive word, with a slower molding process. It's also quite common for the negative word to mold black and the positive word a much lighter color, sometimes even white. 

A scholarly study from 2001 in the Asian medical journal ))))), was able to prove that during their double blind study of about 5000 plants (peas for about 2500 plants and wheet for 2500 plants) for half of each set water was meditated on with the intent of stimulating growth in the plant. At the end of the study they declared that there was a 10.4% improved growth rate in both species with the intention filled water. 

I then saw an exceptional art exhibit that really solidified this for me. A woman did a study on tears and proved that showcased that tears of joy are molecularly different that tears of sorrow, or tears from laughter, or tears from an onion.