Single-Origin Coffee Subscription

Single-Origin Coffee Subscription

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Many smallholder and passion project farms only produce a tiny handful of pounds a year. We connect these exceptional nano lots of ultra premium high altitude beans, that we source for our Single-Origin Coffee Journey subscribers, and with our personal pairing program, match you with an incredible coffee only available to a select few people on earth.

Let's Begin

Origin Notes, Variety Specifics, and Cupping Flavor Details

With each delivery we send you all you would want to know about your bean So you are fully connected to your cups orgin. We detail the farm, region, bean variety, processing method and washing station, soil type, elevation, notes about the region and variety, and our thoughts on what makes that bean so special. We also include flavor notes from our cuppings to expand your perception, and begin to sync your palette with our master roaster.

Beans Infused with Intention

Roasting coffee is an alchemy, both literally and philosophically. An intimate relationship between master roaster and bean. To maximize the value of this energetic exchange, we prescribe a word of intention to each roast. We use this to ground ourselves, and direct our focus while roasting, infusing elements that can only come from the heart. We then hand write the word on your bag to complete the throughline. Learn more about our Mindful Roasting process

Priority Shipped the Day We Roast

For most brew methods and origins, 3-5 days is the optimal aging time for freshly roast coffee (espresso likes longer) To ensure not a beautiful second is wasted we cover the cost of priority shipping within the 24 hours of roasting so your bean arrives just as it's becoming ready.

Adjusts With You

Easily adjust your shipping location to meet you at your vacation home. Pause your subscription while you're out of the country. Or increase your order for the family coming into town. Whatever your need, you can easily adjust your settings and we're here to coordinate details that need that extra personal touch.

100% Happiness. Guaranteed.

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