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Discover exceptional crops from some of the most elusive smallholder farms on earth 

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A glimpse of beauty.

That’s how we refer to a crop yield so small it would get brought to the estate and blended with all of the other small farms, leading to the lowest common denominator. Our mission is to save the art pieces from an otherwise mediocre destiny in a regional blend. These masterful farmers are often so impoverished they can’t afford to submit to competitions which would lend to greater visibility and a higher price for their crop. With our ever vigilant eye we seek out these glimpses of beauty and make efforts to ensure exceptional work, and diligent environmental practices get rewarded and that beauty like this will have the opportunity to flourish.

If you are looking to be guided down a path of rare coffee discovery, from some of the most passionate smallholder farms in the world, then we’re not surprised you ended up here. Select your path to begin!

Personalized Coffee Club Pathways

With each delivery experience beauty from a rare, specialty micro-lot, roasted with intention and infused with love

From $15

Every delivery we personally source elite crops from specialty micro lots, on your behalf, and roast for your method.

From $40

Your perfect coffee, balance in every angle, custom built from the ground up. Tailor fit to your palette and brew method.

From $65