Bespoke Blend Box

Bespoke Blend Box

from 62.00 every month

Includes Free Priority Shipping


We custom design every aspect of your brew utilizing only the finest coffees on earth, tailoring every nuance to you and creating your own personal signature coffee blend. Oh yeah, and we name it after you and emblazon your signature upon your bag. This is your coffee… but feel free to share with those you love.

Option 2: CHANGING

We learn all that you love about coffee with our palette analysis test, then we design you a new blend every month that will fall within the range of what you enjoy so you can explore new origins, bean varieties, and roast profiles all while enjoying your perfect cup.

Personalized Origin Pairing

A beautiful symmetry of season and skill. A blend is a combination of varieties and origins put together to create a specific flavor and texture outcome. As coffee is seasonal, part of a micro-lot's beauty is that it's unique and ever changing, much like a wine's vintage. Consequently your blend will be consistent but like hand blown glass, each offering will be special unto itself.

Personalized Roast Profile Tailored To Your Brew Method

Each variety and region has a range in which it likes to be roasted. Each method has a roast for which it is optimally suited. We custom roast your bean especially for your brew method and the bean's origin and type. This creates a more tailored flavor profile during extraction and more room to "play" with your brew method.

Mindfully Roasted and Infused with Intention

Roasting coffee is an alchemy, both literally and philosophically. An intimate relationship between master roaster and bean. To maximize the value of this energetic exchange, we prescribe a word of intention to each roast. We use this to ground ourselves, and direct our focus while we roast. Infusing elements that can only come from the heart. We then hand write this word on your bag and hand seal it to complete the through line. Learn more about our Mindful Roasting process

Personalized Brew Ratio for Your Personal Brew Method

Based on roast and origin, beans will have preferred brewing methods as well as a preferred range within that method. We dial in a your personal brewing ratio specific to your method and the flavor profiles you desire.

With Ongoing Support and Guidance

As your journey progresses, we grow with you. We're always available to you to answer questions large and small, improve your brewing practices and rituals, and keep your personalized ratio current for changes of method and equipment.

Priority Shipped the Day We Roast

For most brew methods and origins, 3-5 days is the optimal aging time for freshly roast coffee (espresso likes longer) To ensure not a beautiful second is wasted we cover the cost of priority shipping within the 24 hours of roasting so your bean arrives just as it's becoming ready.

That Adjusts With You

Easily adjust your shipping location to meet you at your vacation home. Pause your subscription while you're out of the country. Or increase your order for the family coming into town. Whatever your need, you can easily adjust your settings and we're here to coordinate details that need that extra personal touch.

Sharing Is Caring

We will ship up to 6 quarter pounds of beans on your behalf ever year. Complete with origin notes, and a beautiful card showcasing your awesomeness. So go on, spread the love.