Conscious Bean Coffee Journey

Hypothesis: Create Your Flavor Profile

Walk through a fun, short, guided questionnaire. to create a path for your journey. 

If you desire, we will even set up a one on one phone call or video chat and personally guide you through. Whatever it takes to ensure the best morning you've ever had. 

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Prototype: Drink Delicious Coffee

Based on your profile, we design four custom coffee blends and roast variations that showcase the spectrum of your flavor profile, that we priority ship to your door the day we roast.

Simply make a batch each morning as you normally would and answer the provided questions to further hone in on what you like and don't.

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Design: You Will Be the Only Person in the World to Have this Coffee

Once we have a clear picture of what you love, we build your personal blend utilizing only exceptional crops from smallholder and passion project farms, micro-batch roast it with presence of heart and meticulous precision, emblazon your signature upon the bag and immediately priority ship your drinkable trophy.

Your happiness is 100% guaranteed. With each new batch, at no extra charge, we offer to further dial in your signature bean until every drop is pure perfection. We can gladly hand hold and guide you down the path. If you prefer, we can even set up a video chat or phone call to help you articulate your wishes.


Polish: We are in this together

Once we've sent your personal bean, we provide you a personalized brewing ratio exacted to your bean and personal equipment for optimal extraction. We also offer a phone call or video chat to help you initially dial in equipment. standardize your process, learn tips and best practices, and exact a custom ratio specific to your signature bean and personal equipment. We can even coordinate maintenance schedules and resources for your equipment. Needless to say, we are here for you.