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Bespoke Signature Personalized Coffee Experience 


Elevating Coffee

We custom design every aspect of your brew tailoring it to you and creating your own personal signature coffee. Oh yea, and we name it after you, emblazon your signature upon your bag and keep the exact recipe under lock and key so no one else can ever have your exact brew. This is just for you.

Due to the hand held nature of each subscription we are only offering 10 new subscribers a month.

Your Program Includes

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Personalized Origin Pairing, for a coffee you'll love every time.

We combine our unique algorithm and personalized pairing process to connect you to the perfect crop every time.

We explore the range of desirable attributes, refrained within the perimeters of the attributes you enjoy most, making it the safest most enjoyable discovery process ever.

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Roast Profile tailored to your brew method

Each bean has a range it likes to be roasted within. Each method has a roast for which it is optimally suited. We roast your bean especially for your brew method and the bean's origin. This creates a more tailored flavor profile during extraction and more room "to play" with your brew method. 

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Brew Ratio Exacted to you, your brewing equipment, and your beans origin.

Based on roast and origin, beans will have preferred brewing methods as well as a preferred range within that method.

We dial in a brewing ratio specific to your brew method and the flavor profiles you desire, no golden ratio, a ratio tailored to you. Like having your own on call barista every morning. 

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Mindfully Crafted & Intention Filled

Roasting coffee is an alchemy, both literally and philosophically. An intimate relationship between master roaster and bean.

To maximize the value of this energetic exchange, we prescribe a word of intention to for each roast, attaching it to our roaster and your bag. We use this intention to ground ourselves, define and activate our intent, and direct our focus while we roast. Infusing elements that can only come from the heart.  

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Concierge Service

As your journey progresses, we grow with you and are always available to you to answer questions large and small, improve your brewing practices and rituals, and help you select the right equipment for your enjoyments and needs and keep your personalized ratio current across any of your desired brew methods. 

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Origin Notes & Flavor Profile Connect You To the Roots

We send you a detailed origin history showcasing the farm and region, varietal, soil type, elevation, notes of interest, and thoughts on what we think makes that bean so special.

We also include the flavor notes from our cuppings to begin to quantify and sync your palette with ours. 


Adjusts with you

Easily adjust your shipping location to meet you on your business trip. Or pause your subscription while you're out of the country. Or increase your order so you can bring beans with you on your upcoming trip. Whatever your need, you can easily adjust in your settings and we are here to coordinate details that need that extra personal touch.

Focus on the journey, not the desitination.
Joy is not found in finishing an activity, but doing it.
— Greg Anderson
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Priority Shipped the day we roast

We cover the cost of priority shipping your bean. For most brew methods and origins, 3-5 days is the optimal aging time. We ship priority the day we roast to ensure it get's to you in perfect timing.

Traveling? We can ship directly to your US based hotel, your office in New York, or pause your subscription for arrival upon your return (exactly when you really need a really good cup of coffee, am I right?!)

Conscious Bean gifts

Sharing is Caring

We will ship up to 4 half pounds of beans on your behalf ever year. Complete with origin notes, and a beautiful card showcasing your awesomeness. So go on, gift that client who needs a little extra love, we want to see you flourish.